News Centre-TDO- Third e-game fair has started in Hacettepe University in cooperation with Altus and Semor fair organization firms.

Initially, Nezih Kuleyin, president of the executive council of Samor, gave the first opening speech. He reminds us, Aristotle’s saying as ‘’ Is game a sub set of lives or a superset of life?  He said that sometimes, games can be stricter than life as you have to pass harder levels each time, obey each rule without any excuse and be punctual. He also informed audiences that they were trying to make the fair and Ankara well known in foreign countries too.


Secondly, Birgil Aygül gave a speech and thanked to all contributors. Thirdly, President of TOGED (Turkish Game Developers Association), Ali Erkin took the stage and said that there is a market of e-games above 110 billion dollars and Turkish share in this is rising. He indicated that in 2014, Turkish exports in the field was about 400 million dollars but it has risen through 2016 to 500 million dollars.

Fourthly, Vice –rector of METU and a member of executive council of METU Teknokent, Gönül Sayan, focused on the lack of labor in the field and their works to enhance it.  Finally, Haluk Özen, Rector of Hacettepe University informed that a new campus would be established in Ankara, in cooperation with METU, Hacettepe University and Ankara Development Agency.  Opening ceremony continued with free style combat show.


E-game fair will be available between 10:00-20:00 till 14th of May.  There will be also fashion shows, costume competitions and free style combat lessons in the fair.



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