The YouTube College


İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- A college established in Britain in order to educate youngsters for their YouTube careers. Tubers College opened its doors for youngsters at the age of 7-18, to teach them presentation, video making, content management techniques, using light, camera and other necessary lessons to make them popular YouTubers and stars.

It has been expected that about half of the jobs in Britain will be digital-based in 20 years. It is likely that the college will be successful. Some schools have already decided to add some courses of the college to their curriculum.

Today, it is possible to earn good amount of money from being a YouTuber. This phenomenon has started in U.S. then spread to Europe and in the recent years, it has been reached to Turkey. There are famous Turkish YouTubers that make interesting videos from diverse subjects, especially about beauty. Duygu Özaslan, Ruhi Çenet, Uras Benlioğlu, Cansu Akın, Melodi Elbirliler, Meryemcan, Görkem Karman, Sebile Ölmez (Sebibebi) are the most famous YouTubers in Turkey. Some of them even quitted from their jobs and became full-time YouTubers. 

It has been alleged that if you have above 100.000 followers, you can earn enough money to have an upper-middle class life.  You can have financial supports from firms and sponsorships. Also, you can earn money from advertisements, each click and like.

Nevertheless, being a YouTuber is not an easy job. You have to be very unique and hard working. You have to follow every topic and changing desires of people to make your own YouTube channel worthy to watch. Undoubtedly, the hardest challenge that YouTubers face is being occupied with a job which is not known well.

If you are ready to cope with these challenges, YouTube and college are waiting for you.

Tubers The Video Creators Academy


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