The USA and the USSR played an important role in the UN Security Council as two of the five permanent members after WWII. With the onset of the Cold War in 1946, ruthless political conflict began between the USA and the USSR to expand their zones of influence around the world.The USSR, the USA and various European states had interests in the Middle East, one of the most resource rich regions in the world. Being one of the oldest and richest sources of human history, the Middle East has been home to many civilisations. Jerusalem is the centre of three religions. According to UN’s decision dated November 29th 1947, a Jewish state was to be established in Palestine and as a result the Jewish state of Israel was established on May 14th 1948. Arab states which did not accept the existence of Israel launched an all out war against it, laying the grounds for the Middle Eastern problem and starting the first Arab-Israeli War. The war lasted fifteen months and ended with the signing of a peace agreement in Rhodes in 1949. By Yahya SULEYMANOVAzerbaijan Gence University You can read the rest of the article on our issue of September  

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