İrem GÖL -TDO- According to the news reported in Al Jazeera, US immigration authorities are set to continue deportations to Haiti on Monday, with a flight that is scheduled to have at least 100 people on board, including five individuals who have recently tested positive for the novel coronavirus according to a US-based human rights group. One of those facing deportation was born in the US and has never been to Haiti before. He has been tested positive twice and has not been tested again since April 28.

Deporting individuals who are known to be infected with the virus violates the US and international public health guidelines designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Dr Jacques Boncy, the director of the Haitian Ministry of Public Health’s national laboratory, said that deporting those who have Covid-19 would also put other passengers on the flight, the crew and the Haitian population at risk.

Although Haiti has reported a relatively low number of cases, the health system in Haiti is not equipped to handle an influx of infected patients. Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti Immigration Policy Coordinator Steve Forester said: “For the United States to knowingly send Covid-19 positive people to Haiti is a tremendous lack of respect for Haiti and Haitians.”

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