The United Nations (UN) stopped its attempts to deliver humanitarian relief to Syria after its convoys was attacked in the city of Aleppo, 3 days ago. However, the UN announced that it has decided to start operating again.
UN Humanitarian Affairs Coordination Office has reported that the relief convoys will be ready in the shortest time possible.
After the attack, at least 18 trucks were destroyed in the 31-vehicle convoy of humanitarian relief to Aleppo, the first convoy is scheduled to be sent to Muaddami district of Damascus.
Russia held responsible for the attack
Russia held responsible for the attack in Aleppo, but the Russian government had also rejected the accusations. Then Russia had released images showing that there were heavily armed vehicles in the convoy.
To end the conflict in Syria, diplomatic efforts has continued. However, a town of Homs so-called Talbiseh was attached with parachute mines. It has reported that in these air strikes a woman was killed and a number of people were also injured.
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