John William Ashe, the former President of the UN General Assembly and Permanent Representative for Antigua-Barbuda has been arrested on charges of corruption and bribery in New York City.
The federal attorney has claimed that Ashe has been receiving bribes from Chinese construction firms for years. The attorney accuses Ashe of taking in over USD 1.3 million in bribes, having a basketball court constructed at his New York residence, renting a luxury BMW-X5 vehicle for a long period in exchange for USD 40 thousand, buying a USD 54 thousand Rolex watch and spending a holiday in one of the most exclusive hotels in Hong Kong.
Ashe, who was elected President of the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly and who has been the Permanent Representative for Antigua-Barbuda since 2004 is being accused of using his contacts and influence to win government tenders for Chinese firms, from which he has been receiving bribes since 2011. Ashe has allegedly illegally benefited from acting as an intermediary from a number of Chinese firms, especially those in the real estate sector. Ashe and his wife have also been found to have committed a number of irregularities in their tax return for 2013-14 by proving faulty information.
The former Permanent Representative for the Dominican Republic Francis Lorenzo and two Chinese businessman are said to be among those arrested in connection with the bribery scandal that has shocked the UN community.

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