İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- A senior military officer told Reuters that after the last chemical attack to Idlib, the government decided to take measure against the aggression of the regime, including military intervention.

In his speech to the House of Representatives, American President Donald Trump said they were thinking about military intervention in Syria. He said their opinion has changed after the chemical attack.  He added that they had discussed each option James Mattis, Secretary of State.

In the joint press conference with the King of Jordan Abdullah yesterday, Trump said ‘’ I have aresponsibility to react against the attack. My point of view towards Assad and Syria has been changed much. What happened in Syria is not only beyond our states red line but also mine’’.

Asked whether he talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the issue, Trump indicated that they had not negotiated the issue with him yet but the necessity to do something was obvious.

Europe and USA had different views about the Syrian regime. While American government is ready to accept the protection of Assad’s rule, European states are totally against the rule of Assad as he lost his validity as an independent leader. Lastly, on Wednesday, 5th of April, a meeting in Brussels held to raise money for Syrian refugees. The backlash of their interests dominated the meeting too.

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