News Centre-TDO- On 8 November 2017 at the CerModern Arts Center in Ankara, the Spouses of Heads of Missions (SHOM) gathered in Turkey as they did every month. As the second European Group Coordinator, Mrs. Tetiana Sybiha hosted this event. These meetings summarize the results of charitable and cultural projects that the spouses of the Foreign Mission chiefs have experienced. For organizers, these meetings are a good opportunity to promote their country. In this context, Cermodern was not randomly chosen because both the works of Marchuk and the Design DHA are still open to both exhibitors and are a place to introduce Ukraine's beauty through art.

During the November meeting, charity projects were also on the agenda to help those in need among the local population, including help for children with leukemia treatment at the 'Lösev' center and for parents. Ukrainian children are also treated at this clinic.

In this way, initiated the initiative "Children from Children". It has been suggested that the children who are studying at the Ukrainian school in Ankara and the goods created by the children of the employees of the Embassy of Ankara in Ankara be sold during this meeting.

Anna Polat, an artist who offered silk scarves to decorate with her own hands and offered them for sale, and at the same time teaching art to children at the Ukrainian Saturday school in Ankara, also participated in this initiative. Children who are treated with the money earned will be provided with clothes, toys, musical instruments. (necessary and list of eligible goods was communicated by SHOM representatives). On November 14, the SHOM initiative group will visit the children and deliver the goods they have collected to the center of Lösev. On the initiative of SHOM, an entertainment program was organized for children who were educated at the 'Lösev' school with the incentives of the Ukrainian Embassy.

UNUSEF's wife, Sophie Masson, has given clothes to the parents and children of the Syrian refugees under the tutelage of ASAM (Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants). During today's meeting, Margaret Eksi was introduced as a founder and coordinator of ARLSG, a volunteer of hygiene tools, clothing and food for the Syrian refugees (Ankara Refugee Lunch Support Group).

After summarizing the results and discussing their plans for the coming years, the event participants enjoyed the taste of Ukrainian traditional cuisine, listening to the magnificent voice of the charming and talented Ukrainian opera singer Olena Simsek, who opened the exhibition of the painter of Ukrainian painter Ivan Marchuk.

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