News Centre –TDO- Due to the opening of the new building, the Brazilian music group Qualea Trio took the stage.

The opening was attended by foreign mission chiefs working in the capital.

Brazilian Ambassador  Eduardo Riccardo Gradilone Neto made his opening speech;

Distinguished members of the Turkish government,

Esteemed Ambassadors and diplomatic colleagues.

Dear members of the public,

It is a great pleasure to receive you all here at the first event of the renovated Embassy in our new multifunctional space. For many months we wondered how long it would take to begin our cultural activities and tonight is our big night.

This year we celebrate the 160 years of diplomatic relations between Brazil and Turkey. Our common history has been rich in parallelism - and now we aim to resume the splendid diplomatic relations we had not so many years ago. As an example of the promising times we find ourselves in, bilateral high-level visits are on the agenda and we can foresee in the short term an increase in trade relations, educational cooperation and cultural exchanges.

Since my arrival in this beautiful country I have experienced the affection and the interest of the Turkish public displays towards Brazil. This interest goes well beyond our soap operas and soccer; I have discovered that capoeira and Brazilian folkloric dances, among other forms of expression are capable of attracting a wide segment of devoted and even fanatic followers. It is my mission as the highest representative of Brazil in this country to respond to this demand for Brazilian things, encourage it and provide the means for its development.

The presentation by Qualea Trio of a significant and varied sample of Brazilian music offers the opportunity to show facets of the diversity of the culture. The trio is formed by Sonya Ray, on the bass, Ricardo Freire, clarinet and Werner Aguiar, playing the guitar. They are visiting Ankara as part of a successful tour of Europe in cities like Paris, Oslo, and Rome.

It is a fortunate coincidence that Ms Sonia Ray comes from the state of Goiâs, in the center of Brazil. Its former governor, Marconi Perillo, is a very close friend of mine and this occasion will certainly add to some pleasant future conversations.

I could go on for a long time describing all the exciting projects we have for this year: Movies at the Embassy, Topics at the Embassy, the Latin American Film Festival, in partnership with my colleagues from Grulac who are represented here, an academic conference, a historical event, a book fair. I really could go on and on.

But I will just thank you all for your presence, teşekkür ederim, obrigado, and wish you all a very enjoyable evening.

After the conversation, the band, composed of Ricardo Freire, contrabass Sonia Ray and guitarist Werner Aguiar in clarinet, sang modern Brazilian music.

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