Ayberk Eryılmaz- TDO- 19.07.2017- The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, stated that some German legislators are insisting on visiting German soldiers, located in the NATO Base in Konya. As it is well known, Turkey blocked committee’s visit to German soldiers servicing on air surveillance mission.  According to her interview published in ARD television, she answered by rejecting the claims of political bargaining with Turkish Republic and continued as the situation is bothersome because the right of visiting the soldiers cannot be compared with anything or cannot be made as a bargaining tool. However, previously, Turkey notified that it is inappropriate to visit soldiers in the base due to existing political problems. Spitefully, as both Merkel come to Turkey in the past couple of months and President Erdoğan participated in G-20 conference in Hamburg, Turkish executives emphasized the prohibition. Interestingly, Germany hindered President of Turkey to meet with Turks living in Germany.

In addition to this, Merkel answered back “They haven’t such a kind of information that Turkey demands any concession. However, if it appears, they will be completely rejected”. To illustrate, any demands linked to extradition of Turkish asylum seekers and coup plotters with access to visit the troops will definitely be denied.

Following, NATO called on Turkey and Germany to give an end to their disputes. NATO declared “We hope Germany and Turkey are able to deal with the current predicament mutually”.

Merkel points out war on terror against ISIL came to the boil and the right of visiting the German soldiers in framework of state of alliance cannot be dissociated with credibility. Therefore, they won’t approve Turkey’s lay down a condition. İn this respect, the administration will make the final decision when NATO and Germany deliberate with Turkey.

Main causes of the problems happening between Germany and Turkey are: First, Germany protected members of failed coup attacked in Turkey. Secondly, Germany support separatist groups servicing against Turkey. Third, German Parliament, Bundestag, accepted the resolution claiming Ottoman forces conducted a genocide against Armenian citizens living in East Anatolia in 1915. It is easy to extend any more.

After disputes occurred with Turkey, Germany moved his aircraft material as well as its troops to Konya Base from İncirlik. Likewise, the base at İncirlik, Konya base is servicing for supporting international operations that Germany is included in the coalition forces against ISIL.  

In the meantime, demands about retreating German soldiers from Konya Base is raising day by day in Germany. Especially, the Social Democrat Party which is the coalition partner, indicates that if the restrictions reiterated any more, the government should propose the withdraw from the base in accordance with the political agenda. Besides, they are convinced that this event is a reflection of Erdogan’s provocation.

Whereas, the spokesman of Christian Unity Party remarked that withdrawing from the base would pose some problem such as the perception about lack of foresight and danger against Germany. Nevertheless, some politicians specified to keep level head in this situation. 

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