Mustafa AY – TDO – 17.01.2018 In Germany, the number of asylum seeker has been in decline, the German high ranking officials stated. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere announced the statistic with regards to the number of asylum seeker in Germany as “on comparison with 280.000 registered asylum seeker in 2016, we observed a significant decline in the number of asylum seeker registered in 2017. That is exactly 186.644. However, it is still high”. According to some, that Balkan route used by many immigrants was shut down played a key role in dropping the number of refugees to Europe. But, it seems that German govt. got dissatisfied with the significantly dropped number because German Minister called for better border monitors.

There are many factors lying behind the question “how possible the significantly high number of asylum seeker shifted dropping in a short time”. One is that Turkish Naval Forces and Coast Guard has surged its observational vessels’ number overseeing Aegean Sea since European Parliament agreed with Turkish government on the related issue. To remember, the number of asylum seeker was about 890.000 in 2015, but this figure commenced to decrease to the figure of 280.000 in 2016. So, beginning with 2015, that Turkish government increased its observational vessels over Aegean Sea worked as a key solution to hamper the immigrant’s pass into Europe. Besides, NATO sent its ships from Canada, USA, Britain and some other member countries to undertake the sea-checking mission for inhibiting both human trafficking and immigration’s influx into EU.


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