We know the importance of the heart for life, but do we know about its energy field?According to studies by the Heart Math Institute, which has investigated the link between the heart and the brain for a long time, the heart has an energy field which extends beyond it. The diameter of the energy field which surrounds the heart can reach up to four metres, covers every cell in every direction. It is an established fact that there is a connection between the heart and the brain and that this connection tells the brain which hormones to produce and that the heart communicates with the brain and other organs through feelings. It is also claimed that the pattern of signals sent by the heart to the brain deeply impacts on the performance of the brain and that it is easier for us to think and make clear decisions as long as the signals are regular. Feelings such as anger and desperation cause irregularities in the heartbeat and therefore we are not logical in thought and decision making.By Iþýl GenceYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of June

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