There are important steps taken by the Kurds on becoming a state in Syria where is another country that demographic structure has collapsed after Iraq.After Arabic-Turkish population in Reyhanlý-Kilis region has been forced to immigrate, education programme preparations are continuing in the schools in the settlements. Apart from that, a new syllabus different from the previous years will be followed in the new education year that will start on mid-September like the rest of Turkey. In the schools in PKK-PYD controlled region, mandatory education language is planned to be Kurdish. According to the news based in Frankfurt, the books that have been pressed in Germany first transported to Süleymaniye and then transported to Afrin by the highway. The books that have been pressed in Frankfurt after more than a year of preparation in Paris Kurd Institute are planned to be used mandatorily until the last year of high school. The question how the books have been transported by highway for more than 2000 kilometers is important since DAEÞ and Syria regime control a vast part of the land between Süleymaniye and north of Aleppo. And another question is, as can been seen at the example of Cerablus that has been liberated by the Fýrat Shield, how DAEÞ that is against the education and modernity let the Kurds who are fighting against them brutally carry the books that will be used on Kurdish education.In these days when conflicts between DAEÞ, Turkish Armed Forces and forces of Free Syrian Army stuck in a narrow area, there has not been any conflict in Reyhanlý-Kilis region and the North of it. On the other hand, fighting between Turkish Armed Forces and PKK-PYD is increasing day by day in the part of the region that belongs Turkey.It is wondered whether Turkey which announced she is against all the attempts that threatens Syrian territorial integrity will be remain silent or not, especially after the innocent announcements that the state building attempts in the South of its territories are only for the educational purposes. News Center

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