A country which is identified with fascism, the lack of freedom and democracy and as an ancestor of vandalism…Turkey is shown as a nightmare for Western societies…
Well! If this is Turkey, as someone from East, what kind of country I was born.
Whoever you are, come again! Be like the Sun about love! I was born in a country where people insert statements into the center of life, embrace people from racist countries with "Take us to the disco" sentence, just because a Brazilian kissed a uniform because of the colors, people put the statue of the Brazilian in the center of ‘Der Saadet’.
Which one is right? Is the one shown by the West or the one lived in the East?
I think that decision will be given by the world; so it might be the best solution to leave it on time and God' justice. But as far as I meet with the justice, I'll tell you what I see in the West as someone from the East.
During the coup attempt and FETÖ/PYD chaos, Austria became one of the countries which want to harm new Turkey. After hundreds of years of struggle against the Turks, people from Habsburg won in the propaganda field. Immediately after advertisements which exhibited in Vienna Airport, Turkey invited the ambassador to Ankara in order to evaluate the situation, but Turkey could not find a way to describe meaningless attitude of Austria.
That Turkey is now facing with attacks that come from Austria. Indisputably Austria as a country where Hitler was born attempts to send Turks who lives in their country. By doing so, there is no doubt that they will be inspired from Goebbels' soul. Even if neither Hitler nor Goebbels is alive, today it is needed to understand endless practices against Turkey in Austria.
According to Die Presse news, Turks want to leave Austria and go back to Turkey in return for small benefits. In the news, rising Islamophobia in Austria is regarded as the most important factor, a very small group of the population live in peace in Austria, and the large number of Turks want to leave immediately.
Of course, Turkey always be the country where people want to go and spend the rest of their lives, especially for those who live in many parts of the world. Moreover, not only for Turks, Turkey is an ultimate option to live for people from Germany, Austria, Holland and Belgium. For a German who sees Alanya as second Hamburg, or for an Austrian who live in Mersin, Turkey is a sort of paradise.
So with Austrian approach, the Turks should go to heaven on earth from the hell on earth. This seems like a good choice, at least in terms of their happiness.
In this sense, the most crucial question emerges at this point: who is the ones who burned and plundered the businesses belonging to Turks over the years, and the ones who killed Turkish employers and employees? Since many years, how much money the Turks, who are condemned to live with Azrael, paid to live for a while?
Have western democracies, where both Austria and Nazism play important roles, offered thousands of Euros to Turks as compensation for the lives they stole from Turks.
There is no doubt that many more of these questions will be asked in Europe by Turks and they will try to get answers. However, when the same question asked by God, the answer will require more than ten thousand euros. And the justice of God will never forgive murder, abasement and robbery…By İlker Yılmaz

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