News Center -TDO-The ceremony for Deputy Minister of National Defense Alpaslan Kavaklıoğlu to be awarded with the "Gold and Silver Star Rising Sun order" approved at the Imperial Japanese Palace was held at Japanese Embassy in Ankara and hosted by Japan's Ambassador to Turkey Akio Miyajima.

AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Bülent Turan, Ankara Governor Vasip Sahin, Secretary General FatihŞahin, former Minister Ismet Yilmaz and invited guests attended the ceremony.

Ambassador Akio Miyajima gave a speech after the reading of the national anthems of the two countries and stated that Alpaslan Kavaklıoğlu’s contributions to the relations between Turkey and Japan were greatly appreciated by the Government of Japan.

Miyajima congratulated Kavaklioglu, who was awarded the order, on the role played by Kavaklıoğlu in cooperation and assistance on various issues, especially earthquake and relations between the two countries.

"Turkey and Japan are geographically far apart, but our hearts are close. In other words, two states are one nation,"he said.

Miyajima noted that the next year was the 130th year of the Ertuğrul frigate crash and asked Kavaklioglu to contribute more to Turkey-Japan relations.

After his speech, Miyajima gave the "Gold and Silver Star Rising Sun order" to Kavaklıoğlu.

Alpaslan Kavaklıoğlu, in his speech after receiving the Berat and the engagement, said that he and his family had a very precious, memorable day.

Kavaklıoğlu expressed that this Distinguished Order, which was communicated to the emperor of Japan Naruhito, honours him and his family.Kavaklıoğlu stated:

" If a poll was conducted in Turkey, asked 'favorite country, nation', Japan and the Japanese people would come out top. Because there are great similarities between our countries and our peoples, there are parallels between our histories. The Japanese people are very committed to their traditions and Customs, highly valued for their honor and dignity, very kind in their human relations, and have developed an ability to empathize. And they're both hardworking and tenacious. In spite of the great trauma that the Japanese people experienced in the Second World War, just like the suffering of the Turks in the First World War, the Japanese people made a great breakthrough and today gained the respect and admiration of the whole world. The Turkish people also appreciate the tremendous success of the Japanese people."

Kavaklıoğlu emphasized that he believed that the cooperation of the two countries would be strengthened and paid his respects to all the Japanese people, especially the Japanese emperor Naruhito.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç also said in his speech that he was very happy that Kavaklıoğlu had been awarded the Order of the state of Japan.

Bilgiç pointed out that this order will be remembered forever as a sign of the ancient friendship between the two countries, and said that the friendship between the two countries, which began with the visit of the Ottoman Empire's Ertugrul frigate to Japan and the subsequent disaster, will reach the 130th year next year.

Bilgiç emphasized that Turkey and Japan have the will to lean on their national selves and cultural values and to move confidently towards the future in order to build a pluralistic international system in which peace, stability and trust will prevail, and pointed out the importance of the two countries strengthening the basis of "strategic partnership" and taking steps to improve cultural ties.

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