News Center -TDO- Artist Dilek Yalçın's exhibition "The Innocence of Objects" consisting of paintings, installations and sculptures was opened at CerModern Güney Hangar Gallery.

Translating the concept of innocence with a power of expression that pushes the boundaries of the objective universe, Dilek Yalçın assigns a series of responsibilities to the concept of modernity, art and the artist with her exhibition project called The Innocence of Objects.

Dilek Yalçın, who sees her art as a way of expressing herself in the purest way, rather than a mission to her art, said, “Is art for people? For the community?" The artist answers the question, “Art is for goodness and humanity.” Acting with a sense of social responsibility, the artist designed the “Painted Bird” installation, inspired by Jerzy Kosinsky's novel of the same name, as part of the exhibition, which has been going on for 3 terms in the Anatolian Art Foundation for Good. dan Impressions is offered for sale in order to support young artists involved in the project. The artist, who will sell 100 wooden birds in the "Painted Bird" installation one by one, on, will donate most of the income to the association to be used for the benefit of young artists.

The "Innocence of Objects" exhibition can be visited until February 27.

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