News Center -TDO-The inauguration ceremony of the“Nicolae Titulescu” Monument was held by the Embassy of Romania in Ankara with the contributions of Sultan Burcu Demir who is a member of the Fine Arts Faculty of Hacettepe University and with the support of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection Department within the scope of Romania’s presidency of the Council of the European Unionactivities in the period of January – June 2019.

Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Melescanu, Turkish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Faruk Kaymakcı, Romanian Ambassador to Turkey Gabriel Catalin Şopanda and Rector of Hacettepe University Prof. Dr. Haluk Özen were attended to the ceremony.

Deputy Minister Kaymakçı said that there is a special relationship between Turkey and Romania and stated “We are the countries of the common geography and we are also proud of Titulescu. He was a highly qualified diplomat, politician and statesman. Titulescu was a good friend of the Republic of Turkey's founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. We love Romania. One of the most beautiful streets in Ankara is named as Bucharest.”

Kaymakçı said, "Romania is pursuing a policy of very visionary and leadership for the completion of EU integration," and after reminding Romania’s current position ofholding the six-month rotating Presidency of the European Union.

Minister Melescanu said that he was honored to open the memorial of former Romanian Foreign Minister Titulescu in Ankara.

Melescanu also said "Titulescu is one of the most valuable diplomats in Romania,” and added that this monument was opened as a result of the cooperation of the Romanian Embassy, the Fine Arts Faculty of Hacettepe University and the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara. “"Titulescu, who represented Romania's interests in the best way, has given the best in the way of multiculturalism. Titulescu has twice served as the President of the League of Nations and has always emphasized the importance of international cooperation,” he stated.

Ambassador Şopanda thanked everyone who attended the opening of the Nicolae Titulescu Monument.

After the speeches, the monument was officially opened.

Nicolae Titulescu (1882 - 1941) was an outstanding diplomat, politician, jurist, lecturer, Romanian Foreign Minister (1927-1928, 1932-1936) and for the first time he was elected President of the League of Nations for two consecutive terms. (1930,  1931).

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