İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- 11.05.2017  US President Donald Trump fired the chief of FBI, James Comey.

The White House stated that Trump decided to fire him regarding ‘’advises’’ of JeffSessions whois Secretary of State and his assistant Rod Rosenstein.  Government explained the decree with Comey’s‘’mistakes’’ in the investigation about former Secretary of State and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton and her mails.

President Trump send a letter to Comey. In the letter, President Trump indicated that he agrees with experts working in Ministry of Justice, as Comey was not satisfactory in his job.

Nevertheless, Trump’s decision has criticized by various people and members of both Democrat and Republican Party. Regardless of his position in the organization, he was also the head of the formal investigation about alleged negotiations between Trump’s campaign workers and Russian representatives before November 2016.

Republican Senator McCain highlighted the timing of decision and argued that there should be another and independent committee to research the claims about Russian intervention in presidential elections in USA.

On the other hand, Senate’s Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, said ‘’ If there was a real problem in Comey’s leadership in investigation about Clinton, it is not a new thing. It was also existent when Donald Trump took the office. However, they did not fire Comey at that time’’.

56 years old Comey was appointed by former President Barack Obama in 2013.  Hillary Clinton targeted Comey as the main responsible by her failure in the elections. 

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