By Adel Tayari –TDO- The funeral prayer was given to Prince Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz, who died on Thursday July 13 and was buried on Friday July 14 highlighted the great crisis that the royal family is undergoing in Saudi Arabia following the appointment of Prince Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince.  

It was remarkable that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef Which had been removed from all his posts was absent from attending his uncle's funeral and the consolation ceremony, as it did not appear permanently in all the pictures broadcast by the Saudi Press Agency, especially that Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz performed funeral prayers for his brother in the Grand Mosque on Friday with almost all the princes of the royal family.

The Saudi Press Agency published the names of the princes who attended, in addition to King Salman and prominent guests including Sheikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain  Prince Mohammed bin Nayef was not named among the worshipers on his uncle Prince Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz, and he was also absent from attending the first days of consolation at the beach palace in Jeddah  Where King Salman and a number of princes were present  , which is strange because it is not usually the princes of the royal family in Saudi Arabia absent from such occasions  especially that the dead is one of the sons of the founding King Abdul Aziz and duty is imperative for all princes to attend the funeral and the ceremony of consolation.

In order to hide the problems of the royal family, the Saudi media published news that Prince Mohammed bin Nayef was out of the kingdom, and he is on holiday in Marrakech,in Morocco .. This justification has raised doubts about the depth of the crisis in the royal family because it is not reasonable for Prince Mohammed bin Nayef to continue his holiday and his uncle died and the most distant from logic to miss his funeral. Which made Saudi Opponents point out that the reason for the absence of Prince Nayef from the funeral of his uncle is due to poor relationship between him and Mohammed bin Salman, and this strange absence of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef for such a big event gave more truth to news that he was under house arrest.

And  what stressed the tension between members of the Saudi royal family  the video, which was circulated by opposition activists from within the palace of the former interior minister, Prince Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz,  which showed his reception to the mourners, and behind his main seat a picture of King Abdul Aziz, and another of King Salman, while there is no picture of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the new crown prince and this is contrary to the royal tradition in Saudi Arabia it also reflects the disregard of Mohammed bin Salman and the refusal of many princes to appoint him as crown prince.

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