Selin ATAY-TDO- UAE made history as the first Arabian country that sent astronaut to international space station. The first astronaut of country Hazza El Mansouri will spend 8 days in space.

Right along with the very first astronaut of UAE Hazza El Monsouri, Soyuz MS-15 space capsule, which carries Russian cosmonaut Oley Skripoçka and American astronaut Jessica Meir, was launched from Baykonur Space Base in Kazakhstan by local hour 19:57.

Before the launch, Monsouri said that “I am taking the objectives and dreams of my country to a whole different level. Allah destines me success in this duty.”

It is stated that space probe arrived this morning international space station after 6-hour journey.

The ISS journey of Monsouri was followed by curiosity in his country as well. Many people gathering in Dubai carried flags of UAE, and acclaimed landing of Monsouri to ISS. The picture of Mansouri was reflected to Burj Khalifa the tallest skyscraper of the World

Monsouri is recorded in history as the first Arabian astronaut from UAE but not as the first Muslim. Selman El Suud from Saudi Arabia is the first Arabian travelled in space probe of USA in 1985.

It was discussed that how a Muslim astronaut can worship in ISS, in this very subject, UAE Islam Authorities prepared a special guide.

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