In the middle of June, blood and violence in the world which cannot be stopped appeared this time in U.S.A. after countless death news coming from the region of the world that we used to hear this news. An American citizen who has Afghan origins shot and killed 50 people and wounded more than 50 people in a club which is very popular for gay people in Orlando, Florida. During the shooting, state of emergency was in Orlando and U.S.A declared a national mourning in all the country after shooting.Omar Mateen, the gunman, has come to the night club named Pulse which is very popular for gay people and shot toward people in the club with his two guns. He also took hostage the people for a while in the club. At the end of the shooting, as used from many shooting attacks in U.S., police shot and arrested the gunman as death. It could be truer if the gunman could be arrested alive to prevent possible suspicions about the reasons of shooting.For this unfortunate massacre which caused massive sadness not only in the U.S. but also in the World many reasons especially terrorist attack suspicions were pointed out. The news about Mateen’s pledge of allegiance to ISIS and news that says ISIS undertook the responsibility of shooting have increased reactions against Islam. This shooting attack can easily be a dangerous tool to create public opinion by many terrorist groups. In fact, there is no evidence which proves any relation or communication between Omar Mateen and ISIS. However, there is already increased voice against radical Islam and it has already announced that this shooting was a terrorist attack.
To be able to analyze this attack without prejudices and carefully, we need to make a multidimensional investigation. Firstly, the possibility or claim of any relation between the gunman and ISIS or similar terrorist groups is the first dimension, whether the homosexuals are only and especially targeted or not is the second dimension and lastly whether the victims are chosen randomly and a mass massacre was the only aim is the other dimension. All the dimensions of this attack are separate cases and every case should be investigated one by one. Later, it should be determined which case is the closest to the reality and the public should be informed. Otherwise, there occurs a possibility for everyone to direct their anger and hate to any direction they want or they will be directed toward somewhere by some people. Since Omar Mateen was killed, there is no possibility to learn which dimension he was targeted and to serve his sentence which will be most probably a death sentence.This attack can be a proper example to observe the psychological collapse of American and Western individual which becomes more alone day by day and one of the greatest problems which is individual armament. While more than 50 people are killed in the Middle East every day, these people are the victims of systematic and planned efforts of terrorist organizations and obviously not an individual hate attack. Orlando shooting which is the deadliest mass shooting of the U.S. can be seen a result of individualism, individual armament, increasing consumption and commoditization more than a result of terrorist attack. On the other side, Trump’s remark about how he was right for his radical attitude against immigrants was proven by this attack is not ethical and right explanation which may increase the polarization between people. Today, U.S.A cannot be interpreted without excluding its immigrant citizens.The interpretation of this sad and severe massacre as a terrorist attack, the announcement of the names of terrorist groups such as ISIS after every attack and giving these groups a right to speak or undertake may not be the right action for the future of the world and to direct the public opinion in the proper direction. Today, intelligence organizations and all other relevant organizations should investigate the cases objectively and should prevent the polarization of public by preventing unjust accusations and wrong leadings.Mithat Kemal İman

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