Adel Tayari -TDO- (TUNISIA) Almost a month after the start of the Gulf crisis, Kuwait submitted to the State of Qatar a list of the demands of the embargo countries, namely Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt. According to the agency, "Reuters," quoting an official source in a state of siege,  The demands included a reduction in Qatar's diplomatic representation with Iran and limited trade cooperation with Tehran in a manner that did not effect on the sanctions imposed on Iran  internationally, Or from the United States of America  and  In a manner that does not affect the security of the GCC countries,Cut off any military or intelligence cooperation with Iran and expel elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards from Qatar. The list also included the immediate closure of the Turkish military base in Doha and the cessation of any military cooperation with Turkey within the territory of Qatar.  The document also states that Qatar must sever its relations with what the blockade states call terrorist and sectarian organizations.  And the extradition of wanted “terrorist elements” to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, or listed on the US and international lists of terrorism. The list also included a request to close Al Jazeera and its channels, and all media supported by Qatar. The list of demands also included stopping Qatar's interference in the affairs of the internal blockade countries and their foreign interests, and the non-granting of Qatari nationality to any citizen of one of the four States; and compensation for all financial losses caused by the Qatari government according to the embargo countries during the previous years. The embargo states also asked Qatar to be in harmony with its Gulf and Arab environment at all levels; The embargo states also asked Qatar to hand over all information about its opponents, and to clarify the type of support provided to them.

The blockade states that these applications must be approved by Qatar within ten days from the date of submission, otherwise they are considered null and void.

Commenting on the request of the embargo states, the immediate closure of the Turkish military base in Qatar the Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Ishaq said that the demand to close the Turkish base in Qatar is an interference in bilateral relations,  and he stressed that the purpose of the establishment of this military base is the implementation of joint exercises between the Turkish and Qatari armies and support for security in the region,  Saying it  no one should worry about this military base , Stressing that Turkey does not intend to re-evaluate the agreement with Qatar on the military base, which means that Turkey rejected the demand of the blockade countries to close the military base in Qatar.

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