Presidential candidate for Republicans in US, Donald Trump, is reported to leaking money to his campaign over his chief of staff Paul Manafort’s account through former pro Russian Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych’s political party.
It is being investigated now how $13 million was used during the campaign.
After the revelation of this story the other presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused Trump and his staff for rigging the election and urged the necessity of legal action.
The attorney of Trump’s chief of staff Manafort, Richard Hibey talked to press; asserted this news is untrue.
Head for Ukrainian Department of Fight Against Corruption Artem Sytnyk conducted a press conference where he expressed his thoughts as following: “The surname of Manafort, is repeated 22 times in their party’s hidden expenses book. It seems that starting from November 20, 2007; $12 million was flowing to this person”.
Latest surveys in the US showed Republican Party’s candidate Donald Trump is behind his adversary Democrat Party’s Hillary Clinton.
Mete Ersöz

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