News Center -TDO- Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Turkey Abzal Saparbekuly and his wife Gülbanu Syrgabayeva hosted a reception at the Ankara JW Marriott Hotel for the 30th Anniversary of Kazakhstan's Independence.

The Minister of Family and Social Services Derya Yanık, the Head of the Turkish States Organization Council of Elders and the AK Party Deputy Chairman Binali Yıldırım, Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Ankara Abzal Saparbekuly, Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Keçiören Municipality Turgut Altınok and many guests attended the reception.

Making the opening speech, Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Turkey, Saparbekuly, said that Kazakhstan became a respected and responsible member of the international community in its 30th year of independence.

Stating that the relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan have improved day by day since the first moment of independence, Ambassador Saparbekuly said, "The main locomotive of the relations between Kazakhstan and Turkey is commercial and economic relations. Our trade volume has increased from 30 million dollars to 3 billion dollars in 30 years. Thus, in the first ten months of 2021, Turkey has become Kazakhstan's 5th largest trading partner."

In her speech, Minister Yanık stated she attended the reception on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Turkey. She said she followed the developments in Central Asia with excitement during her student years with many friends from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Emphasizing that the Turkic world is the geography of solidarity and emotions for Turkey, Minister Yanık stated that Turkey's commercial, cultural and economic cooperation with this geography will continue.

AK Party Deputy Chairman Yıldırım reminded that he visited Kazakhstan on December 10 as the Head of the Turkish States Organization of Council of Elders.

Yıldırım pointed out that Turkish businesspeople have accomplished many works in the construction of Kazakhstan. "On December 16, when Kazakhstan declared its independence, the Republic of Turkey was the first country to recognize it within the first 20 minutes when the Founding President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced it to the whole world. It is a big deal for us. It's an honor," he said.

Yıldırım stated that Nursultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, has also become a significant financial, trade and investment city in Central Asia to be proud of.

After the speeches, a fashion show in which Kazakhstan national clothes were introduced and a concert with local instruments were held.

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