Ilknur Sebnem Oztemel-TDO-19.08.2017- World's most visited city, Barcelona, hit with twin terror attacks. Initially, a terrorist drove a minibus to crowded La Ramblas street and two other assaults attacked on a Turkish restaurant. Spanish media reported that 13 people were killed and 100 others were injured. Deash claimed responsibility of the attack.

Spanish officers declared that driver of the van ran away while the other two terrorsits locked themselves into the restaurant named Bar La Lune de Estambul. Later they said the dirver was shot dead.

Besides, Spanish authorities reported that another terrorist attack attempt avoided in Cambrils city in the South. Four suspects were killed and another five suspect were arrested. Also, authorities said they were in charged with another bombing happened in a home in Alcanar, 200 miles away from Barcelona.

On Monday, another terror attack happened in Burkina Faso and again another Turkish restaurant was targeted. As about five million Turks living in European countries, join social life and invest in these states, what would be the future of Turks living abroad and millions of euros that spent in there? Do somebody try to make Europeans hesitate to go places owned by Turks, force them bankrupt and ruin their lives? Does somebody want to threaten Turkish lobby while Ankara made significant improvements to develop its relations with?  Or is it another plan to infame Turks and Turkey with "terrorism"? 

In daily life, if an event repeats for three times, it is a coincidance, the forth would be a problem. In IR, if something happens for the second time, it is definateley not a coincidance.


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