Serhat TUNAR -TDO- There was a tension in Gibraltar between the British and Spanish warships. A Spanish warship harassing commercial ships in the region had to leave controversial waters with the intervention of the British navy.

It was seen that the Spanish battleship’sguns were open and the soldiers were waiting on the deck while it was retreating.

The authorities of the Autonomous Administration of Gibraltar said that the Spanish warship's harassment of commercial ships was irrational. "The British sovereignty over Gibraltar is accepted by the whole world by the United Nations agreements, but I think there are those who believe that the Spanish army can violate international law," the spokesman for Gibraltar said.

The Gibraltar, which is strategically important, is only 18 kilometers from the coasts of North Africa and officially connected to England. Spain, however, claims the region.

In 2002, 99% of those participating in the referendum on the right to self-determination of the region opposed the proposal of sharing the sovereignty between Britain and Spain and preferred the British administration.

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