Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The tension between China and the United States (USA) has been reflected in a session at the United Nations because of the harsh policies of China against the Uighur Turks. The Chinese authorities responded to a call by the United States that China should not participate in the UN Indigenous Peoples' Forum because of the harsh policies implemented.

Courtney Nemoff, an American diplomat who made a speech before the election of the members of the Forum for the Protection of Indigenous Peoples, claimed that the pressure against the Uyghur’s should be the main determinant in China's participation in the Local Rights Protection Forum.

Nemoff stated that a large number of minorities were forced to work and tortured, and the United States was concerned about the situation. The American diplomat asked members to consider these situations when they were making their choices.

One of the Chinese officials, who had reacted violently to Courtney Nemoff's statements, accused Nemoff of giving false and inconsistent information about China.

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