Serhat TUNAR -TDO- In Europe, extreme temperatures outside the seasonal norms during the summer months also affected Scandinavian countries.

Known for its proximity to the North Pole and its cold climate, the temperature in Norway, measured at 35.6 degrees Celsius, has been recorded as the highest temperature in the last 50 years. Sorenga, the popular coastline of Norway's capital Oslo, flocked to citizens who wanted to cool off due to the hot weather, while soldiers guarding woolen uniforms in front of the Royal Palace were often given a break to drink water.

Similar cases in Norway were also observed in Sweden. While the average temperature in the country rises above 30, a barbecue is prohibited in picnic areas due to the danger of fire.

In Finland, the temperature measured at 33.6 degrees Celsius in the southern part of the country was recorded as the highest temperature in the country's modern history.

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