Mustafa AY – TDO – 31.05.2018 On Wednesday, Tel Aviv administration issued an approval for the construction of 2000 buildings in the occupied West Bank. As known from previous weeks, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman addressed Knesset in order to convince the representatives of endorsing the construction of 2500 building in West Bank through legislative approval. In his speech, he stated that High Planning Council in charge of Samaria and Judea is immediately capable of mobilizing its construction units for his settlement policy. More specifically, in accordance with the resources at the disposal for the construction, High Planning Council could manage to complete 1400 of overall 2500 buildings in West Bank in a short-term.

Since 1967, Israel has proceeded with its occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip and Eastern Jerusalem, which Jordan actually governs. On these occupied territories, Tel- Aviv has persisted in its illegal settlement policies insomuch that the number of illegal dwellers reached 500.000 today. United Nations, instead of taking strict and determined action in order to hinder Israel’s illegal settlement policies, only warns Israeli government of not contravening international law as well as condemn.

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