Selin ATAY-TDO- After the US decision to sanction Turkey s-400, Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia shared messages of reaction against Washington.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reacted to the US-sanction Turkey S-400 and said: "the US application of sanctions on Turkey is another manifestation of its arrogant attitude towards international law”.  Lavrov stressed that the United States is using sanctions in a "rough" way. "The US imposition of sanctions on Turkey is another manifestation of its arrogant attitude towards international law. Of course, this approach does not contribute to the credibility of the United States, which is a responsible participant in the international arena, including military-technical cooperation," he added.

Hikmet Hajiyev, advisor to the president of Azerbaijan, shared President Ilham Aliyev's assessment of the US decision to sanction Turkey S-400 using the following statements: "President Aliyev considers unilateral sanctions against Turkey unacceptable. It is unfair to impose sanctions on Turkey while some NATO member countries use similar air defense systems. Our president considers this situation as an indicator of double standards and illegality. President Ilham Aliyev said he was confident that sanctions would not hinder Turkey's steps to strengthen its defence capabilities. Hajiyev noted that Azerbaijan supports Turkey and Turkey supports Azerbaijan, and both countries are always on each other's side”

Iran's Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said he strongly condemned the United States ' unilateral sanctions against Turkey. Zarif said that the United States once again violated international law with unilateral sanctions against Turkey and revealed its dependence on sanctions. "We strongly condemn the recent US sanctions against Turkey and stand with the Turkish people and government (against sanctions)," Zarif said in a message shared on his Twitter account with the tag "neighbors are our priority."

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