News Centre –TDO- Tajikistan’s Ambassador to Ankara Mahmadali Rajabiyon has hosted a reception at the Ankara JW Marriot Hotel to mark the 27th anniversary of the independence of Tajikistan.

As Minister for the Environment and Urban Planning Murat Kurum could not attend due to his busy schedule, he was represented by Turkey’s newly appointed ambassador to Buenos Aires Şefik Vural Altay.

In his speech, Ambassador Altay said that Turkey and Tajikistan had established a close relationship for a long time and said “Tajikistan, with which we share a cultural heritage that draws strength from great thinkers and universal personalities, including Jalal ad-Din Rumi, and have a special affinity, is progressing towards peace and stability since its independence.”

Altay said the two countries were of the same opinion on regional and international issues and added “The mutual support between Turkey and Tajikistan for cooperation and candidates on international platforms is exemplary.”

Ambassador Altay emphasised the importance of bilateral ties and said “In the coming period we foresee to take our relations with Tajikistan to a higher level with a high-level visit.”

Tajikistan’s Ambassador to Ankara Mahmadali Rajabiyon said that the Tajik government was sensitive to issues such as human rights and the freedom of the press and stated “The basis of the foreign policy of the country is open doors to regional problems, a practical perspective and the expansion of bilateral and multilateral ties with foreign countries.”

Ambassador Rajabiyon said that Turkey and Tajikistan had established a close relationship in a short time and added “I want to underline that friend and brother country Turkey was one of the first to recognise Tajikistan’s independence. Relations and cooperation with the Republic of Turkey is among the foreign policy priorities of Tajikistan.” 

Rajabiyon drew attention to economic ties between the two countries and said “Turkey is Tajikistan’s fourth largest trading partner. Mutual investments continue to rise. In Tajikistan, the effective work of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency has played an important role.”

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