News Center -TDO- Yasser Cheng, the representative of Taiwan's economic and Cultural Mission in Ankara hosted a reception at Grand Ankara Hotel in consequence of 108th National Day of Taiwan.

AK Party Hatay MP Hüseyin Şanverdi, Ambassador of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Kemal Köprülü, foreign mission representatives and other guests attended to the reception.

Yasser Cheng, who gave the opening speech after the performance of Hacettepe University Folk Dance Ensemble, said: “Today we are celebrating the 108th anniversary of Taiwan, the first democratic country in East Asia. In the past year, Taiwan has faced many challenges. But we strive to work hard and deliver a remarkable performance. Taiwan recorded the highest economic growth of 2.4 percent among the four Asian tigers in the first two quarters of 2019. We expect Turkey to make further efforts to invite Taiwanese investors.”

Yasser Cheng also said, "Currently, Taiwan commercial banks, securities firms and fund management companies have invested $ 4.5 billion in Turkey."

The reception ended after a cut of celebratory cake.

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