İrem UZUN -TDO- At least 22 civilians have died after the Syrian government shelled a displacement camp and hospital, rescue workers and residents have said, as Bashar al-Assad continues to pound the last pocket of opposition-held territory in the country.

Two missiles hit the camp close to a maternity hospital shortly after 8.20pm local time in the town of Qah in the last remaining rebel-held province of Idlib in northwest Syria. Footage from the scene showed tents engulfed in fire and people screaming. The youngest of the victims was appeared to be under one year old.

Another of the missiles, which had been filled with cluster bombs, had failed to explode and was seen lying close to the site. “The camp is the oldest in this area and is considered one of the oldest on the Turkish-Syrian border, so everyone knows where it is,” Obeida Dandoosh, an activist who arrived at the scene shortly after the attack said.

The Syrian regime and its Russian backers have repeatedly hit hospitals in rebel-held areas over the course of the civil war. It was not immediately clear which was responsible for Wednesday night’s attack. The maternity hospital in Qah was the 65th attack on 47 health facilities in northwest Syria since the end of April, according to the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), which supports medical facilities in the province. Earlier this year, UN officials alleged Russian forces may be deliberately targeting hospitals and schools as a tactic to "terrorize" civilians - accusations denied by both Damascus and Moscow.

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