İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-27.09.2017-Syrian Foreign Minister, Velid Muallim, said they could negotiate about a Kurdish autonomous region in Syria regarding accumulation in the north.

According to SANA, he stated ‘’After Deash would be totally disappear, we could negotiate on an alternative solution with our Kurdish brothers’’. Asked about independence referendum in KRG, he answered that they were in favor of the territorial integrity of Iraq. Nevertheless, what Kurds in Syria want is different than Erbil’s decision as they just desire to live autonomously. Timing of the statement is meaningful.  It seems Kurdish card would be used by a fallen leader to pull his neighbors to bottom. This may led additional stress in the region, also in the parts of Syria near Mediterranean.

It is asserted that Kurds living in the northern parts of Syria, would bring autonomous cantons subject to the desk as soon as Deash would be destroyed. Last week, there were local elections in northern Syria.

In that sense, Gulf War and following events could show us something, it would never be an innocent, democratic demand. Again a so-called Islamist terrorist organization rise in the anarchy, ensanguine a country, again some desperate people get the legitimacy thanks to their given duty, again tendency for autonomous region appear and at the end, now we know what happens. Meanwhile, inner state migration, forced emigration led demographic changes and usually Turkoman’s rights ignored. Again Turkoman’s villages and cities targeted!

Against these threats everyone should be alerted. By the way, in case of any unfair criticize from the West, remember what is happening in Spain.

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