Selin ATAY-TDO-As part of Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria, the Syrian National Army announced it launched an operation in Manbij.

 Turkish Armed Forces-backed rebels fighting under the banner of the Syrian National Army ,formerly the Free Syrian Army, launched an offensive Monday against the city of Manbij in northeast Syria

Turkey’s defense ministry has not confirmed the offensive but earlier on Monday President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Syrian Arab fighters, not Turkish forces, would enter the city.

A Syrian National Army statement said the fighters were launching the operation “with the goal of liberating the city of Manbij and its vicinity” from the SDF.

Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) positions were hit with Howitzer cannons.

According to information obtained by the Sputnik correspondent from reliable sources in the region, the SMO announced the launch of the operation in a written statement, moving north to Manbij, while also moving towards the city from the region of Jarablus and El Bab.

While fierce fighting has taken place in the region, the Syrian National Army is deploying an intense military shipment to the region.

The attack came on the sixth day of fighting since Turkey and aligned Syrian rebels launched an incursion into northeast Syria aimed at driving out the SDF, which had been a core part of the U.S.-led Coalition fighting Islamic State.

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