News Center -TDO - Romania’s Ambassador to Turkey Gabriel Catalin Sopanda and his spouse Lavinia Ochea hosted an aid organization for the benefit of Syrian Children in the scope of the activities of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union at Ankara Atakule Shopping Mall.

Romania's traditional Dress Day, 13 June, was celebrated with a spectacular fashion show called "Symphony of Flowers".

The fashion show was inaugurated by Romanian Ambassador Gabriel Sopanda and Flori de Ie's founder Cristina Chiriac.

The event was attended by around 300 people, including representatives of the political, diplomatic, academic and commercial circles, as well as the Romanian community in Ankara.

In the fashion show, the Romanian brand "Flori de Ie" presented the collection of modern fashion design inspired by Romanian culture and traditions, as well as 30 traditional Romanian outfits. The collection was created with the support of Andreea Radu and Andreea Ghencea, floral accessories designer.

The event was held in a specially designed area provided by Atakule, Turkey's first shopping center and the icon of Ankara..

At the event, World Mix Band jazz orchestra conducted by Romanian trumpeter Julian Lupu from Bilkent University in Ankara took the stage.

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