Mustafa AY – TDO – 14.10.2017 In Switzerland, the public will go to the referendum for deciding if burqas will be banned or not. Swiss government is known to hamper the face-covering garments – which are used frequently by Muslims in Europe – so that prominent concern of Swiss govt. such as possible suicide attacks can be prevented. This possible referendum on ban that radical right-wing parties championed most will be probably arranged very soon.

So, how is that possible to ‘prohibit people’s decision to wear such religious clothes’ for a country that deeply internalized the religious tolerance? This decision is not directly coming from government officials, but Swiss society want to be so. They’ve already collected over 100.000 signatures for this public petition. In Switzerland, if the public want to ament on a constitutional or communal situation, they need to gather at least 100.000 signatures, which is essential to ‘direct democracy’. The remaining is that Swiss govt. has to convene for Parliament to fulfill the public’s wants from them. That’s why, Swiss govt. must reply the society’s demands by administering referendum.     

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