In a religious debate, Social democratic party leader Levrat call out to accept Islam as an official religion. He explained his suggestion by ;“We should think about whether we want to recognise Islam as an official religion so that we don’t leave the training and financing of Imams to foreign and perhaps fundamental circles,” Furthermore, he also pointed out whether there can be a Swiss Islam , which will protect and respect Swiss traditions.Also 20 Minuten Newspaper organized a poll which indicates “Should Switzerland allow Islam as an official religion ? “Burka Ban,Levrat focused on enhancing muslims’ social life conditions, even the party argue over the worlwide popular burka ban issue.Even if Latter is against wearing burka, he also stated that “We should stand by, support and advise women who have been forced in whatever way to wear the burka or a niqab,” Through Latter’s perspective,such religious practices should be allowed by legal basis in order to maintain the freedom of belief. Although, instutitions, cantons should keep the advisory programmes for womens to prevent coaction.Beste Naz Gülen

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