Mustafa AY – TDO – 16.08.2017 Recently, Germany has faced with an unexpected political movement from brother-country Switzerland. Berlin stated the fact that Swiss Intelligence Service (FIS) agents were spying on German Federal Tax Bureau (BZST). The reason Germans made such an accusing inference can be attributable to apprehension of FIS agent named ‘Daniel M.’ in this May. According to espionage investigation German Prosecutors have been executing, Swiss govt. was force to take action against BZST, following long-lasting process BZST commenced to surface who evaded tax from the government. On the grounds that, both that Swiss bank’s ‘banking secrecy principles’ to protect their clients no matter how tough conditions they face, and that Swiss state’s commercial benefits prevail led FIS to operate spying on Frankfurt.

These astonishing progresses followed that German prosecutors currently incorporated 3 FIS agents more into the investigation. Even if German authorities have suspicion over those 3, they are not telling their names because of German Privacy Law because Berlin does not want to bring those 3’ lives under threat by announcing their names, before their inclusion in ‘spying-activity’ has not been proven. However, that German authorities previously announced the name of FIS agent -Daniel M.-  points out that Germans’ espionage investigation covering Switzerland is true.

In accordance with the data procured for surfacing German defrauders, taxes evaded by German businessmen were not only going to Swiss banks, but also Liechtenstein banks as well. Therefore, FIS’s spying activity in Frankfurt may be probably funded by Liechtenstein for preserving their own interests, besides Swiss national interest. So, the commercial partnership may be established in a context of “win-win” or “if I lose, you lose too” ultimatum, we may assess as.   

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