Mustafa AY – TDO – 12.01.2018 The Living History Forum (LHF), which is a NGO assigned for ‘challenge and settle the problem of racism’ by Swedish govt., carried out a survey in between November and December in 2017. The number of participant in the survey covers 1,111 individual’ ideas related to this inhumane issue. The question of survey was “Did you witness any event that you can call racism?”. 47% participant replied to the question as ‘yes’. In addition, 44% participant replied to the question with long sentences as “I believe that the racism or racist ideas will disseminate across Sweden in the coming year -2018-”.

The researchers of LHF asked the participants, whose viewpoints of racism in Sweden were like ‘yes’, this question “what is the solution to racism then?”. 7 of 10 said “Swedish society ought to contemplate and discuss over this problem so that we can find out sensible and humane solution “. The chairman of LHF –Ingrid Lomfors- stated above the results of the survey like “the survey showed us that many groups in Swedish society do not know how to cope with racism. We have been taking this signal for a long while”.  

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