İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-09.09.2017- The Sweden Democrats (SD) which became popular after their open opposition to accepting migrants from muslim countries, succed a new scandal. Leader of the party labeled Quran as ‘’similar’’ to Quran.

SD parliamentary group leader Mattias Karlsson worded the importance of ‘’reclaiming’’ of the church as a measure against ‘’Islamization of Sweden’’. He said "I would like to go as far as to say that reading out from the Quran in a Christian church, while parts of the Quran advocate the killing of Christians, is almost comparable to reading out from 'Mein Kampf' in a synagogue’’ during an internal party meeting happened in Gothenburg Concert Hall regarding upcoming elections to The Church of Sweeden which will be held on 17th of September.

In a preivous interview published by Expressen Karlsson asserted that there was no event comparable to the persecution of Jews by Nazi Germany in history. However, he argued that in some parts of Quran encourages people to crucifying and slaughtering the Christians and others which could be interpreted as a motive to ‘’genocide of Christians’’.

In mass media, Sweeden is presented as a very democratic state that do ’’ almost nothning’’ against international law or human rights, determinently sustain its neutrality on international subjects,  support ‘’each’’ international organization to help less advantaged part of the world and as an ‘’ideal state’’ to live in equipped with knowledge, prosperity and peace.

Nevertheless, like many issues in the world, media forgot to write on or supposedly ‘’omit’’ blashemy and cartoon crisis against Islam and Muslim. Or there is a big mistake in perspective.

Luminaries and politicians of this ‘’ supreme/ideal’’ state that all emulate to live in should work harder to understand Quran first rather than speak ill of Islam or believe in ‘’fake mujahids’’.

By the way, what happened to respect and peaceful coexistence goal that Sweedish people boast ‘’to have’’?

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