Mustafa AY – TDO – 25.02.2018 Swedish Armed Forces (SAF) released a report that is done for once in every 5 years. Through the report, SAF issues the country’s defense strategy and the army’s insufficiencies.  According to the report of this year, SAF demands the government on allocating double of the current budget (6,5 billion dollars) to the defense budget by 2035. In case of the demands of SAF met, SAF will spend the money to literally create a second army which will be composed of:

  • Doubling SAF’s personnel by adding 50,000 more over 50,000 (the current size of SAF),
  • Increasing and renewing air forces with 5th generation fighter jets
  • Increasing the warfare power of naval forces by supporting with new generation Corvette type ships and submarines

Swedish army presented valid rationales for its demands on the government in the report. The most important and valid rationale is Russia’s aggressive and expansionist inclination on Baltic countries, which was exhibited in Georgia and Ukraine’s Crimea. So, SAF implies its concern that Russia’s inconsistent and aggressive policies may directly affect them in the future.

Sweden took the objective precautionary steps for eliminating its national security concerns at the recent years. One of the prominent step of Sweden was to establish a permanent military brigade in Gothland islands located at Baltic Sea. The another action taken was that Swedish parliament reintroduced the military conscription.

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