Mustafa AY – TDO – 02.08.2018 Sweden is reportedly going to sign a contract worth 1 billion dollars to purchase Patriot missile systems with USA-based Rayhteon Co. Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist stated that they will purchase 4 units of Patriot launching systems and many medium-long range Patriot missiles. Sweden possesses no capable air defense missile systems of intercepting ballistic missiles, Minister Hultqvist added to his words. Raytheon is expected to make the first shipment of Patriots to Stockholm in 2021.

Even though Stockholm has been conducting close relations with NATO since 1994, it has no offcial membership to the alliance. Turkey has a bad history of Patriots with USA although Ankara has an 66-year old affiliation/alliance to NATO and USA. That Syria’s Asad regime forces shot Turkish F-4s down in 2012 as well as prospective SCUD threat from Syria and Iraq necessisated Turkey to supersede its aged air defense systems with Patriots. However, US Congress that sees Turkey as a close ally didn’t take Ankara’s concerns into consideration by impeding the sales of Patriots.

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