Selin ATAY-TDO-  Sweden’s new foreign minister Ann Linde condemned Israel’s prime minister’s election pledge that“Israel will impose its sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the north of Dead Sea in the West Bank, if I win next week’s election.”

Linde founds Netanyahu’s elections pledge as “unfortunate statement”, Linde told state television ,STV, on the first day of her mission “Both EU and international community say Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision is against international law. A two-state solution must be a prerequisite for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem.”

According to international law, West Bank and East Jerusalem is “occupied territories” and all Jewish settlement-building activity there is considered as illegal.

Sweden’s former Foreign Minister Margot Wallström announced her intention to leave as she could not allocate time for her family, and The Trade Minister Ann Linde started to serve as Foreign Minister.

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