Selin ATAY-TDO- The efforts of farmers, who have been demonstrating for weeks for the withdrawal of controversial agricultural laws in India, have not been wasted.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the application of the three agricultural laws be suspended until further notice. In addition, the Supreme Court has decided to establish a committee of experts to hear the parties and assess the current situation. Farmers ' unions, meanwhile, repeated their decision that they would not participate in any committee process ruled by court.

"It is clear that the court has been misled by various forces, even when forming a committee. These are people who are known for supporting the three laws and who have actively advocated for the same purpose," a statement from the Coordinating Committee, which is influential in trade union movements in India, said.

Thousands of farmers from the Indian states of Punjab and Haryana have camped in Singhu, Tikri and Gazipur, which lie on the borders of New Delhi. Farmers are demanding the withdrawal of three agriculture-related laws and the introduction of a legal guarantee for a minimum incentive price.

The action by farmers, who have come together to react to the agricultural laws, has lasted for weeks despite the cold and rainy weather. In December, farmers had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in their own blood, demanding that the laws be repealed.

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