Serhat Tunar -TDO- Hungary had allegedly vetoed the European Union's message of common condemnation in the first place, German newspaper Der Spiegel reported. However, Hungary's Permanent Representative to the European Union, Oliver Varhelyi, stated that this news did not reflect the reality.

The latest announcement on this issue, which has been on the agenda in Hungary, came from the government. In response to a question about the veto claims, Hungarian Minister of state Gergely Gulyas said the condemnation text had been approved by the Visegrad Quartet and the European Union not to disrupt its integrity.

Gulyas stressed that as Hungarian diplomacy, they supported efforts to send 4 million refugees from Turkey's territory to their countries. The Hungarian minister added that they did not support the war but that countries had a right to defend their own borders.

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told local media that they had blocked the joint statement for a long time but as a result approved the release of the condemnation text.

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