Mustafa AY- TDO-On Wednesday, in Iran's southeastern region of Sistan and Balochistan, a suicide bombing against Iran's Revolutionary Guards was perpetrated. Balochistan Liberation Army -al-Qaeda linked separatist terrorist organisation- assumed the responsibility of suicide assault. As a result, suicide attack left at least 20 Revolutionary Guards dead and tens of others insomuch heavily wounded that their lives depended on efforts of paramedics.

That the suicide attack carried out against Revolutionary Guards right after 40th anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini-led Islamic Revolution was celebrated automatically leads us to consider it as premeditated and well-prepared attack, not as ordinary. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zaref released an official statement claiming that the USA is at the center of bombing assail so that overshadowing 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution.

Balochistan Liberation Army, Which UN declared as terrorist organisation, has risen in insurrection against both Iran and Pakistan to attain independence from them. Tehran and Islamabad come up with ungrounded claim that Balochistan-based terrorist organizations act of terror has been funded by both territorial and western nations for undermining national sovereignty and territorial integrity of these two notions. However, the terrorist organisation manages to finance its so-called cause of liberation through income acquired from opium or drug trafficking.

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