Serhat TUNAR -TDO- The final signatures will be signed on 17 August for the constitutional text that determines how the transitional government, which the military administration and the opponents agree on, will form in Sudan. According to the agreement, the 33-month transitional council, which will govern Sudan until the election, will be announced on August 18th and the country's new prime minister on August 20 and the new cabinet will be announced on August 28th.

The Sudanese Military Transition Council and dissidents, already in power, signed a political statement on July 17 to form a 39-month interim joint government. According to the declaration; the transitional council would be chaired by a soldier for 21 months and a civilian for 18 months.

After the elections, the country's administration will be completely transferred to civilians.

As it is known, 30 years of Omar al-Bashir period ended with the intervention of the army on April 11 when the protests that started in Sudan on 19 December 2018 due to the cost of living turned into anti-regime across the country.

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