Selin ATAY-TDO- A final peace agreement was signed between the Government of Sudan and 9 rebel armed organizations within the Revolutionary Front in the west and south of the country in order to end the conflict.

At a ceremony in Cuba, the capital of South Sudan, the Vice President of the Sudan's Sovereign Council Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Front Dr Al- Hadi Idris and representatives of the armed movements signed the final peace agreement.

The sovereignty of the Sudanese government and the armed groups with representatives of the Sudan Council chairman Burhan, South Sudanese President Mayardit, President of Chad Debi, Egypt, UAE and Qatar, the African Union and UN representatives signed as witnesses and guarantors.

South Sudan's President Mayardit, his adviser Gulwak and Sudan’s mediation team Dio Matok were presented with the "Peace Ambassadors" award by the International Peace Federation for their contribution to peace.

Vice President of the Sudan's Sovereign Council Daglo thanked Qatar for its efforts in the peace deal.

Sudanese Prime Minister Hamdok noted that the peace process faces different challenges and obstacles, but they can be overcome by joint efforts and work. The Sudanese Prime Minister also expressed that he wanted to welcome representatives of the armed movements in Khartoum as soon as possible to implement the peace agreement.

"We are very happy that this peace has been achieved in Cuba. Congratulations to the people of Sudan " Tut Gulwak, Chairman of the South Sudan Mediation Committee and an adviser to the president of South Sudan, said during the ceremony.

Donald Booth, the U.S. Representative to Sudan, said America would stand up to those who work in the name of destabilizing the democratic transition in Sudan. "This historic achievement Ends Decades of war," the U.S. representative said in his speech. We hope for peace. Those displaced need safety and know that criminals are being punished., "he said.

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