Mustafa AY – TDO – 11.08.2017 After President Vladimir Putin was subject to the robust opposition from Aleksey Navalny, now Putin encountered the coalition calls by Leftist leader Sergey Udaltsov. In 2012, Udaltsov was detained by Russian security forces during a protest on account of that he organized mass-riot-like demonstration against newly reelected Russian government. Following his detainment, in 2014, Moscow court condemned him to imprisonment for 4,5 years. Udaltsov has just been released from the jail. Once he was released, he made a call on all leftist parties in Parliament for the purpose of forming a political unity to legitimately replace Putin with a leftist leader, who will be unanimously chosen among themselves. Those parties are Communist Party of Russian Federation led by ‘Gennady Zyuganov’ and Fair Russia Party led by ‘Segey Mironov’. According to his call, “November 7 is a big day for all leftist groups. For this reason, I call all party leaders to move in solidarity. We shall establish a coalition and opt for a leader chosen among us for 2018 presidential election” said Sergey Udaltsov.

Sergey Udaltsov did not invite Aleksey Navalny to this unity. Aleksey Navalny is also opponents of Putin. Udaltsov explained his reason for this attitude against Aleksey Navalny as “I don’t rally behind him. His protest is only ‘act of conscious/planned agitation, but nothing else”. In response to this explanation of Udaltsov, Nikolay Lyaskin -Chief of Moscow Headquarter of Navalny’s ‘Progressive Party’- said “neither Navalny nor our comrades have never ever conducted any provocation”. He added that it is interesting to accuse a politician of doing such thing because both Navalny and Udaltsov serve for the same cause. He continued to say that on what grounds Udaltsov accuse Aleksey Navalny. That’s why, it’s meaningless to execute such a defamatory campaign against our leader. So, this situation evokes the possible case in which Navalny has been dragged in a conspiracy by Udaltsov, he put an end. This intention of Udaltsov may be true. On the grounds that, in case of a coalition formed by Udaltsov, he won’t allow him to split the votes into two which is in favor of Putin. Therefore, it can be thought of that he wants to bring all parties campaigning against Putin together in forthcoming presidential election, so that they will be able to claim victory over Putin.

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